Dennis & Hanna Strydom

DSH-Consult is an ideas company born out of a yearning to assist & help people. We like to think outside the box; dream big, think bigger, identify people’s needs, and create viable and profitable solutions to meet them.

Being in the hospitality industry we are confident that the skills we have acquired are transferable to other facets of business…the one thing you are taught in the kitchen is to find solutions to problems; quickly.

Our passion is to empower people to add value. We love teaching and equipping personnel with the necessary skills to enable them to be better at what they do. We are at our current career trajectory because somebody took a chance on us, that is something we would like to pay forward on our journey.

Our focus is on basic kitchen & cooking training for housekeepers and novice cooks in the comfort of their own homes as well as assisting small-scale restaurants and guesthouses with training on procedures.

We are administratively strong and can create general management systems for the daily running of most businesses. We have created and implemented solutions effectively at all of our previous employers.

Areas where we would be able to assist: