...a plate on life

Redefining Success in the professional kitchen.

In an industry that really asks so much of the individual, how do you get to the top alive? The easy answer is real hard work, but there is nothing easy about working in a kitchen. With a head chef constantly in your face, guests complaints an absolute reality, a kitchen that is warm and stuffy, a pressure cooker of attitudes and emotions, there is really from the outside nothing nice about this. You see to enjoy working in a kitchen you need to enjoy working, being busy- FULLSTOP. This is one of those jobs where the work never stops, you just choose to stop and go home for a while. Think about this…a (normal) person will go to a shop, buy a bread, tomatoes, and cheese, go home and make a sandwich, they may even put in a toaster, and yes it would probably taste great…but being a chef mea

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