Ever thought… “there has to be an easier way to get this done?” Or maybe even, “can somebody else  do this for me?”

That is where I step in.

After  16 years in the hospitality industry, constantly looking for easier ways to get things done, but still keeping the standard of work high I am able to assist you with your dilemmas.

Whether you need  a basic costing on your menu done or workflow issues in the kitchen or maybe your administration system is not totally working for you, I am sure I can be of assistance.  Sometimes a new pair of eyes is all that is needed.

Please contact me for solutions to your problems at hello@dshconsult.com
  • Efficient layout of work and living spaces, specialising but not limited to restaurant kitchens
  • Concepts and branding
    • basic setup of social media accounts, WordPress, Instagram, twitter, Facebook, in some instances using 3rd parties
  • Setting up of administration systems
    • POS – 3rd party installers
  • Excel based efficiency sheets and systems:
    • Stock take systems
    • Automated staff roster and sign-in sheets
  • Basic staff manual creation in conjunction with your company principles and values
  • Basic staff training
  • Basic costing procedures

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