I do not know what my future holds, but I do know WHO holds my future…

It really seems just when life hits the hard notes, when you feel you are literally in the oven, overboard, sinking, barely floating going under…God pitches in all His Majesty….Read moreRead more

are you ready for battle?

Who defines the normal? The following writing is some revelation and teaching I received a while back during evening church service from the youth pastor. Rom. 12:2 the Bible states…Read moreRead more

The night the Mari’tjie was born!

What a lovely night of fellowship and cooking.   Firstly everyone was here before 7 o’clock and after we affirmed that recipes should be well read before they are cooked the evening…Read moreRead more

Nowhere street, going into confused avenue…

Has anyone been in such a place? It’s like I can still see God move, but I get so frustrated at the speed He is going. So I know God…Read moreRead more

We are changing!!

The ‘Monday Night and Crossedout blogs will be combined and hopefully changed into something quite new and exciting right here!! Hopefully I will keep you updated and informed about what is…Read moreRead more