Peace, Coffee and a pan-toasted cheese and tomato sandwich.

For years now I have been living in this perpetual state of trying to reconcile my faith and my work. This has been a tough battle, since the cheffing world is harsh at times, the places and people you surround yourself with are tough, hard and over worked. In general foul mouthed and passionate.

It always seemed that Christianity struggled adapting with my job, I was under the impression being a Christian means you get easily offended and hurt and that you need to give people perpetual leeway. It made it seem that as long as someone have tried but then end up producing sub-standard quality work it’s okay, when the reality is, it is not okay.

Being a Christian does not mean you are happy with second rate and mediocre, it only means you treat people with the same respect whether they make mistakes or not. Mediocre workmanship is never okay, God does not like it either, He wants you to do the best possible job you can do with the best possible attitude.

Ecc 2:24  There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God

So much of my time nowadays is being spend on planning, whether it is for work on menus, recipes, staffing or for general life. Therefore, I am really trying to focus my energy on the simple things in life, whether it is cooking or living, really getting to the just of what I am doing. Keeping it simple.

What is more simple than a pan-toasted cheese and tomato sandwich

Think about this… being a chef means you think about everything you do, nothing on the plate should just be there to fill it, it should have a place of importance. The best cheese and tomato toastie I have ever had was with beautiful red ripe tomato thinly sliced, topped with thinly grated parmesan, black pepper and salt held between two slices of home baked bread covered in real butter on the outside then slowly toasted in pan on low heat until golden brown, nutty and crispy.

So when I need to find some peace, a good coffee with a cheese and tomato toastie does the trick – always absolutely delicious.Home baked bread

Home baked bread

Oven: 200°C

Time: 30-45 min or until golden brown and crisp

Yield:  1 loaf


  • 500gr flour
  • ½ tbsp. Salt
  • ½ tbsp. Sugar
  • 50gr. Butter
  • 1 tbsp. Yeast
  • 350ml lukewarm milk


Sift flour, salt and sugar together add the yeast and combine well.

Melt the butter into the lukewarm milk, pour it into the flour mixture, bring together and knead well.

Prove until doubled in size and knock back, shape into an oval loaf  and place on greased oven tray.

Prove again till doubled in size.

Dust with flour and bake until done.

Cut two slices, butter the outsides.

On the inside scatter  with grated parmesan on both slices place thinly sliced tomato on top with freshly ground black pepper and salt.

Close it up and in a medium pan slowly toast it until l the cheese is melted and the is beautifully crispy and nutty.

Serve with your favourite cuppa and just feel how all your troubles fades away…for a while.

Many Blessings


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