Plough the land

I was walking from work this afternoon and looking at freshly ploughed soil between the vines and it struck a nerve. For the new seasons seeds to be sowed the soil must be ploughed, the top hard layer must be broken up and aired. This is the only way that maximum growth and effectiveness would be achieved.

This made me think how much this is true of our daily lives, when God wants to sow new seeds in our lives there will be a preparation time. A time when the soil will be prepared, ploughed, raked, stones removed and so forth. Normally these times are not nice; there is pain and discomfort, frustration and anger, basically just a whole lot of hurt.

We might thought we have dealt with something in our past, but God knows that for the new seeds He wants to sow we need some more ploughing, some cleaning and pruning. God loves us as we are, but He loves us way too much to leave us this way.

The ideas and dreams we have for our future are not close to anything God wants to give us, if we are just prepared to be ploughed, to go through times of character building and embrace them…with the right attitude.

Attitude is the key here, you cannot go around with a negative view of life and expect positive outcomes, this is not positive thinking, this is spiritual law, Galatians 6 says it clearly that you shall reap what you sow. Therefore, if you are going to be down and out the whole time, and speak negative thoughts that is what will start to manifest in your daily life. You need to expect the best to get the best. God cannot give you something you do not have the capacity for to receive. It is the old cliché of the cup; if you go to God with a small cup He will fill that and if you go with a bigger cup He will fill that as well, so basically our understanding of God’s ability to provide is the link to our provision.

My prayer for this day is that we would let God plough us, rake us, remove the stones that’s keeping Him from sowing the seeds in our spirit for the new season, the seeds that will produce a harvest like nothing seen before. I ask that God would carry us when times are tough, that He we would help us endure rather than ask Him to make the load lighter.


Many Blessings!

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