Coffee Roasted Lamb???

Just as I was starting to relax and wind down, awaiting the annual winter closure of the restaurant, my manager thought it was a great idea to throw a challenge at me.

Coffee and Lemon Thyme Roasted Lamb

My first thoughts were somewhere in the likes of…what???? Is she mad?? Coffee and lamb??  But, then as I started to think about it, the idea kind of got stuck…so now I am busy recipe searching and tweaking…and geuse what…there is not a single recipe for that type of thing on the internet that I could find. Only a  roast beef and coffee.

So I am doing this one from scratch…

At the moment it is looking like a coffee infused lamb stock with chilli and lemon-thyme braising liquid will do the trick…if anyone out there has ideas, please share. I am flying blind on this one, but I bet you it will taste great!!

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