Stop showing me your stuff…I want to see your heart!!

repost: Sunday, May 8, 2011

So I have been thinking a lot again lately…Probably too much…

It’s like I think about something and then not liking the first thought I over think it in the hope that my initial thought might change, another idea revealed or something magical happens. What I do not know.
I am still thinking. bleh!

I try to over spiritualize life, yes everything in life is spiritual, or should be, but sometimes we take it too far, I am always trying to make some kind of assumption what God is doing in my life based on some or other event that has happened when in fact, I am the only one doing… I never give God a chance to do anything.

It just feels that I am trying so hard to look legit, that in it all, I actually fail to be legit, kind of like when too much make-up can make a beautiful girl seem less-beautiful. But because she puts all this stuff on her face, people never actually get to know her, people do not see her heart, they only the stuff she shows them

Just to be real, oh how I want to be real, if only it was easier.

So this week I am {again} giving over to God, releasing my life to Him. God show me how to take off this make-up…I want to live the life where eye-liner and lip-gloss is just perfect.

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