Bring it on!!

Sitting at work on a Friday afternoon, with not much lunch happening, and still two days ahead before I can have my ‘weekend’ I just had a few thoughts on this cheffing business. I have been so blessed, having this head chef position basically handed to me on a silver platter (thank you Jesus), that I actually caught myself getting a touch blasé about it. Jip you read it…I was getting blasé about running a friggin kitchen… managing people and serving food to sometimes really difficult and scary customers.

 I think that is what happens when you lose your grip on what is happening in your life and you forget that God is trying to teach you something. CHARACATER!! Oh and believe me, He will bring you back to these lessons, time and again. So it is better just finishing it in the proper season He sets out for you.

 I was reading a blog about a chef who won an award this year, and as she puts it, she started the kitchen with no awards in mind, just serving people delicious fare and making friends as she goes along. Wonderful word that…”serving”. Did I maybe lose the plot? Am I doing this for reasons that are less noble? Constantly thinking about ways to win those awards rather than thinking about what the award is about…

“Serving people delicious food in great atmosphere so that they will return and become friends”

 So then, this is me saying sorry, to my staff, to my managers, to my patrons, but most of all, to God, whom has blessed me in so many areas of my life, that I cannot just carry on this road for the sake of awards and credits, but to live a life that is worthy of such blessings.

God, make me a serving son, teach me how to love people and let that be the benchmark for my craft. Take from me what is not of You, and give me what You deem fit. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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