Do I miss Christmas?

The thought came up to me today as I was talking to some friends getting ready for the big family get together and the gift buying and so forth.

So the thing is, Christmas, Easter…none of them is actual Biblical festivals…they are all of pagan origin and have been Christianised throughout history into what they have become today: a very clever commercial exploit in the name of Jesus! That is my personal opinion and I also do not think it is Biblically right to use Jesus’ name to sell copious amounts of candy and booze!

Then on the other hand you have the most awesome fellowships around these times of the year. Real friendships are strengthened, families are brought back together around big tables of opulence and they just really have a great time.

…some really earnestly in the Name of Jesus Christ!

It is hard for me to believe that God will not form part of these people’s festive days if they do invite Him in? If they actually instead of worshipping Christmas , worships God, the Life of Jesus, the Death of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus. The point I want to make is that in all the Christmas pictures Jesus is a  little baby in a crib, and while that in itself was a sacrifice from His side to  be born as a human, it would all have been pointless without the death and resurrection.

Therefore, Yes, I miss celebrating a certain kind of Christmas.

As a child I remember spending some holidays in Gordons Bay with my parents and grandparents. The night before Christmas we would put out a pillow-casing and the next morning find it filled to the brim with goodies from the whole family. That was like magic, but that has all disappeared.

The Christmas I want to celebrate now, the one I am missing so much that it hurts is not one that I have ever celebrated. I am hoping and waiting, maybe with a somewhat naivety, but still I am waiting and hoping for the day of my own family, when I can teach my own child about Jesus and His Birth, Life ,Death and Resurrection. A Christmas without a santa clause, because come now, he is just a show stealer of the Greatest God Almighty. I want to celebrate family and life with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit around that table of opulence in my house that the Lord will bless me with. That is what I want.

May you experience the Lord our God this season and may He visit your house when you celebrate these days of rest and relaxation, not forgetting that even they are a gift from above.

Much love!

God Bless!!

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