so where to now?

Last Monday I was in a car accident…


It’s the kind of thing that makes you go and sit and think about your life, it asks a few questions that you might not have answers  for, some tougher than others, but still questions that needs to be answered.

The first thing you realise is what a privilege private transport is, such a luxury and I thought nothing of it, I was numb to a need that most of the world lives with every single day of their live.

Secondly how will this change me? The car was written off, me, I was not…I must make this count; I must find God’s will for my life and do it. How do I find that?

The thing is that for obvious reasons I am stoked to be able to type this post, to still be alive , but there is so much things  in the back ground diminishing this light…so much stuff colouring my world a touch black.

So the question arises…so where to now?

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