Being transparent…

This has been bothering me a while now. A few questions came up…

How much is too much?

Are there different levels of being transparent?

Do you only apply it to personal relationships?

How would this look in the life of a Christian?

How would this look in the life of a Christian business man?

1 thought on “Being transparent…”

  1. Hey Dennis!

    Goeie stukkie, ware skryf werk! Laat my dink was in my gedagtes die week …. wel in die lyn van om nie in almal te confine & counsel te soek nie, choose wisely, & God is die ultimate counselor & die een in wie ons moet confine! Jy sal verseker iemand se ontbyt word, sal jou opeet as jy nie wys kies nie! S 🙂 x

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