The night the Mari’tjie was born!

What a lovely night of fellowship and cooking.   Firstly everyone was here before 7 o’clock and after we affirmed that recipes should be well read before they are cooked the evening sprang into motion.

Mari took the reins on the dessert while everybody added their 50 cents on the procedure of getting it done  I was introducing Tiaan and the rest to some home-made tipple, which they all took a liking to, fairly quickly. (Sorry Inge, I really did not mean to pour you half a glass of orange and vanilla brandy!!!…yikes!!!)
After Hennie and Hanel’s constant banter (what a laugh) was quieted down by the serving of dinner, you could just hear…well, nothing!! Everybody tucked in and it was delicious!! Tiaan left early and we all had the dessert which by now was renamed “THE MARI’TJIE”to give the chef her due!
Thank you guys for making the evening so special and a special thanks to the clean-up crew…Inge and Hennie!!
You all rock!!

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